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absolutely terrible

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Running on MacOS 10.9.5 and owning a MacAir which runs absolutely smoothly and without any troubles at all!


Bought that dreadfull program unfortunately and it´s completely corrupt, not working properly at all, nearly no support - so the overall rating would be that from Wirecard = pile of sh*t.

It does start recording (80 % of time - the other 20 % there is the revolving colored bun of death right from the beginning).

At first it did work somehow and only crashed (100 %) when trying to rename the recordings in the "find&play" sector. Restarting the programm, checked that it had crashed and asked so, also asked wheter if I want to report the bug - which I did some 10-15 times - NO ANSWER EVER AT ALL!

After that I - after another crash - somehow wrote directly to NCH - now they answered and told me instruction how to fix (remove old, reboot, download new). Great from now on in about 60-70 % of the times it already crashed (revolving colored bun of death) during the recording time.


So instead of fixing the problem it actually got worse.

Just wrote that either I will get the money back or my lawyer (Rechtsschutzversicherung - insurance which covers legal activities without any additional costs) will sue them.



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