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Mixpad project not opening correctly

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Where did you save the project? If you have save it to an external drive, it needs to be connected to the computer, otherwise, the program will not find the files you used to created. You may also want to make sure you do not delete, move or rename the files you used. What version of MixPad did you use to create it? Is it the same you are currently using? You can submit a support ticket for further assistance: https://www.nch.com.au/support/

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Hi, I am having a similar problem.

My old laptop died suddenly but I successfully transferred all my data from the old hard drive to my new machine.

I moved 'MixPad Projects' as one complete folder from the old drive to the new laptop and all files (.mpdp & .mpdp.ProjectData) appear to be intact. But if I try and open a song I get this message:

"The MixPad project is not opening correctly due to an unidentified problem. Have you moved or deleted any of the project files?"

I am using the same version of MixPad as previously.

Other MixPad files that I had on another external drive are opening as normal with no problems

All other files from the old drive (video, audio, photos, documents etc.) are working perfectly. It's just MixPad that isn't.

Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Nick


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Just looking into this further:

Within the .mpdpProjectData files all audio files have a related.grf file but not .audinfo files. These appear sparodic - some songs have none, some have a few.

The source drive shows a mirror image of that which has been transferred to the new lapotop. Everything behaved properly when the source drive was in its original machine but not now.

I am even more confused!

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If you used existing audio files (wav, mp3, etc) to create the project, you need to make sure those files are in the exact same location and that they have not been removed or renamed, if you have changed something, that may be the reason why you are getting that message. The .mpdp project file will not save the wav or the mp3 files you load, it will only save their name/location

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