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Problem being able to over-record.


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Maybe over-record is not the professional term. I will explain.   I have a radio show with a co-host.  We record at different times. I record all of my part, leaving around 3 second spaces for my co-host to later record in.  Previously she could highlight the entire 3 second blank spaces, press the record button and the record would only record during that blank space pushing everything ahead of her recording. So even if she only recorded 2 seconds or 12 seconds the recording would record only during the highlighted portion.    Now, all of a sudden, in order to record in those 3 second periods on silence she has to highlight the silence, delete it and then record.   It is not a big deal, but there are times that she forgets to delete the silence, then records.  This often leaves several 3 second blank portions within the recording so now I have to go over the entire 30 minute show and perfectly removed the 3 second blank area.  Anyway to get Wavepad to record like it used to record?

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