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Wavepad on MacOS will record but not play recordings


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When I first purchased Wavepad for the MacOs it worked without a hitch. I have a weekly radio show in my local area and I pre-record the show .  For the past several months (now that MacOS ) only take 64 bit software I have a problem where Wavepad will not play any recordings, new or old. In fact it gives me an error message every time that I attempt to play. It tells me to change players. I have done this a times after time. I can record perfectly in any form WAV. mp3 etc.  and I can then play them in other players without a hitch. However, I cannot play them at all in Wavepad.  I have asked  the NCH staff and I get told to download the new WAVEPAD software. I have done this innumerable times.  Any ideas on what I can do, otherwise I will have to use another audio software.

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