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Just downloaded and tried to record. It did with problems


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I'd like to purchase the application but want to get it working before I spend the money.

I recorded a video and it recorded but the video was very choppy and the sound wasn't in sync so the recording is worthless to watch.  I went through all the settings and spent about an hour trying to solve the problem with no luck.  

There are so many questions on the forum in different categories and I don't have the time to attempt to find the answer (if it's even posted) so I was hoping someone could help me out.

Why is this happening and what do I do to correct it?




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The reasons why the video and audio may not be as expected could vary, did you try using a different web browser to open the stream you are trying to record? Did you check if the stream has any copyright protection or Digital management rights? If the stream is copyright protected or if the source uses a low encoder to stream it will affect the result you get.

Also, you may want to try different formats to record the stream, including the fast capture mode.

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