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I cannot record the whole screen

eunsu lee

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excuse me, I used this program to record the whole screen (including the very bottome part of screen) so that I can prove that I did not cheat on my online exam but the recorded video happended to be bigger than it should be (it edited out all the edges) can anybody help to fix this problem or to recover the origninal whole screen video...? I am so frustrated since I am currently accused of being cheater...

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Any part that was left out of the recording cannot be recovered now because it was not recorded. Regarding the issue I will need to know what you did from the moment you opened the program so I can test, I will also need you to share the resulting video showing the issue you mention to have a better understanding of what happened. 

If you are not confortable sharing here you can contact the NCH tech support team for help here:  https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html 

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