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I'm on Videopad v8.45.
Exporting at 1280x720 30fps WMV the estimated file sze before export is 35MB.  After export the resulting file is 164MB.
Exporting the same edit at 1000x563 30fps as MP4 estimated file size is 54MB, yet the resulting file is 195MB.
Previously the "estimated file size" has always been accurate  - it's a really useful indicator as we are limited to 64MB max per video on our website.  But today it's making them much larger than the estimate.  Making them fit in under 64mb is going to really lower the quality.
Any thoughts please?

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It's been said that estimates are not especially accurate.  Try AVI or Mp4 with the MPEG4 compressor, or a lower frame rate or 'quality' to see if this results in a smaller file without appreciable quality loss.


Report the issue by clicking the chevron at the upper-right of the VP window and submit a bug.

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Thanks Borate.
It was pretty accurate previously but is now wildly out.
Tried the avi with compressor on.  It gets smaller but still ouside the key 64MB, and quality dropping off.
It's not the fact it won't do it, it's because the estimation worked well before today.


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That you are using the same v8.45 release as before hints that an export quality or bitrate setting may have been changed?  The developers are working on making estimates more accurate.

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