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Windows 10 new laptop shortcuts not expanding

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Hi, I am a longtime user and transcriber. I got a new laptop, installed (and REPURCHASED  as part of troubleshooting even though I had a working registration from four years ago) FastFox; my shortcuts are beeping when I type them but not expanding at all. Is this a known issue? Is there a Windows setting I need to be aware of? I have e-mailed, Tweeted, and submitted a bug report but this is my livelihood and I need to know whether I need to leave FastFox and find another program.

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It does sound like a bug, If you have already tried to uninstall and reinstall and nothing I will contact NCH Tech team, which seems like you did already but what did they say, did they take it as a bug or not? There is really not much that can be done? Maybe check ¨Options¨ make sure the ¨Use this Shortcut to turn FastFox shortcuts On/Off¨  is not checked and you can maybe create a backup and then delete the information you have then uninstall, reinstall and load the backup again see if that changes anything.

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Yes, I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice now and just did so again. I am extremely disappointed with NCH Service; I own a transcription company out of NYC and will move all of my people off of FastFox if I don't hear from them. They answered my e-mail on Monday, asking me for details. I sent four screen shots and a data file and have heard nothing. It is Friday, and I am listening to the beep of my shortcuts right now as I type but nothing is expanding. 

I will be trying to save my .dat file into a format compatible with competitor's software, as I can't afford to lose income at this pace. Extremely disappointed.

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