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Help with trimming and joining a video


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You can send a link to your snapshot.  Upload it to a free server, such as DropBox,  Google Drive,  Microsoft OneDrive, get a shareable (public) link and post it here.

Removing a portion of video and then joining the remaining parts can be done in a number of ways.

You might SPLIT at the beginning and end of the part to be removed, right-click in the newly split-out area and DELETE.

Then right-click in the area again and CLOSE GAP.

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To remove a section from  a clip..

With your clip on the timeline...

  • Place the red cursor line (or play the video) to the point where you want to start removing
  • Click the scissor icon that appears when you release the cursor. This will Split the tracks at the cursor position.
  • Play or move the red cursor line to end of the section to be removed.
  • Click the scissor icon that appears when yo release the cursor line. This will split the tracks at the cursor position
  • Right click the section between the splits and select Delete from the menu that appears. This removes the designated section leaving a gap
  • Right click the gap and select to Close Gap in Track. The gap will be closed and the cut end will move together.

If you decide to cut the track on either side of an existing join you will have two clip pieces to remove to leave the gap.

You can also move the cursor to the start of the deletion and then grab the stem of the cursor in the dark overlay band just above the track. The mouse pointer will turn into a left/right arrow. Now drag the cursor left/right. This will highlight in blue a section of the timeline. When you have marked the section to remove releasing the cursor will reveal the scissor icon which will split all tracks or you can can right click the blue region and select an option from the menu that appears...


Deleting in this case will automatically close the gap

Hope this helps


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