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Online album database inaccessible


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Now I'm not even getting a "No entry found on the online album database" error message, just track numbers and duration. I upgraded to 4.18 - same thing. I tried several different popular CD's. Is there some setting I'm missing that's causing it not to connect with the database?

An option NCH could add to get around the lack of content in the current database is to allow importing of info from CD-text and cdplayer.ini. That would at least give users the ability to grab the info in other ways, such as from other programs that use different databases, and bring it into Express Rip.

Express Rip is great software but it's pretty useless without the ability to reliably access CD info.

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Better they should fix the software!!

It's been more than 30 days for me. I didn't return it because everything except the database works exactly the way I want it to and I hoped that would be fixed.

Why is NCH still selling and even updating a product that they know is basically broken? It makes no sense!

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