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Online album database inaccessible


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Now I'm not even getting a "No entry found on the online album database" error message, just track numbers and duration. I upgraded to 4.18 - same thing. I tried several different popular CD's. Is there some setting I'm missing that's causing it not to connect with the database?

An option NCH could add to get around the lack of content in the current database is to allow importing of info from CD-text and cdplayer.ini. That would at least give users the ability to grab the info in other ways, such as from other programs that use different databases, and bring it into Express Rip.

Express Rip is great software but it's pretty useless without the ability to reliably access CD info.

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Better they should fix the software!!

It's been more than 30 days for me. I didn't return it because everything except the database works exactly the way I want it to and I hoped that would be fixed.

Why is NCH still selling and even updating a product that they know is basically broken? It makes no sense!

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I recently bought Express Rip with the intention of digitizing thousands of CDs but I have the same error "The operation failed when trying to access the online album database.  Check you are connected to the internet."  (I am most definitely connected to the internet.)  I've tried loading a couple of dozen cds and exactly one (Edgar Meyer & Yo Yo Ma) was recognized.  (BTW, the error message seems to indicate something other than "disc not found in the database", it's suggesting a connectivity problem. Don't know if it's just the wrong message or not.)

The "Help -> Check for updates" tells me that I have the latest version, Version 5.0 - reading the messages in this thread, the issue seems to go back a couple of years since freedb was shut down so there appears to have been lots of time to fix it.

A couple of comments:

Searching for the CDs in question in gnudb.org succeeds and gives me the track names, times etc., so the entries are in that database certainly.  I could copy and paste track by track but that's not very Express is it?

The CDs all come up with the right track names in iTunes but unfortunately iTunes does not rip to FLAC which is what I want.

 Any hope of getting this fixed?   Nou Dadoun, The A-Trane

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On 10/11/2022 at 8:09 AM, IRM said:

Please try with the latest version of the express rip available  from the link below, note that you can install the free trial version and confirm if the software do comply with your requirements before getting a full time license. 



I have the latest version which appears to be Version 5.0 ... N

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On 3/23/2023 at 6:46 AM, danadana said:

Do you think this will ever be resolved? Wish I had seen this forum before purchasing. I have a lot of blank titles now for my collection. 

NCH Software is always interested in improving existing programs and developing new programs. If you have an idea you'd like to share with us, please submit your suggestion here: https://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/

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Today I uninstalled Express Rip due to this issue.  The response to my support ticket was that NCH does not control the online database and I should pursue the problem with them. 

Like A-Trane detailed, I can find the CD info in gnudb.org, yet Express Rip can't seem to.  There are too many good products that do the same for less to waste time with this.

Send me a note if/when this gets resolved.

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