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DeskFX software disappointing :-(


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🤔😔  So disappointing, this Desk FX equalizer by NCH.

TASK: to control audio output on Windows 10 OS computer using audio equalizer with audio compressor effects ( functions).

I though, I have finally found a relatively simple software ( in DeskFX) to control my audio output from windows 10 PC to my amplifier and 7.1 speaker system, BUT... no....

it does not work... The amplifier is OK... I can even set  GAIN, but I CANNOT APPLY ANY COMPRESSION to the PC audio output....COMPRESSOR DOES NOT WORK ON THIS software.

I cannot compress the audio output from the audio PC card  !!!???

I just wanted to control  the video scenes, emphasize dialog in movies and in other video recordings, and compress the high dB level of the action scenes audio... I cannot do it with this NCH software.

SAD... thank you

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