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How do I Burn a PhotoStage Slideshow to DVD


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Using PhotoStage I created a slideshow which is about 45 minutes long.  I can get it to play fine as an MP4 but don't know how to get it onto a DVD.  I used the export -> DVD Movie Disc . It creates several files (I guess an ISO but can't figure out for the life of me how to burn it to a DVD.  This process seems very simple but i'm obviously missing some key steps.  Any guidance would be appreciated

Still playing around with this to try and get it to burn to a DVD.  I found step by step instructions from a discussion about Burning a DVD with VP - I followed them word for word but nothing ends up on the DVD..

Does this matter?  I have tried using DVD+R or DVD-R  

Burning a DVD with VP

  • Open your generated mp4 in VP and edit it.
  • Click the Export Video tab on the toolbar and select DVD Movie Disc.
  • Enter a Name and select the Burner. as Borate indicates above. The default might show Image File. but click the down arrow and select your DVD writer.
  • Choose Format and AR
  • Click Create. This open another setup window.

I can get to here and then if boots me out... and the message that I get is

Error "Failed to save your slideshow. Verification of burn failed"

  • Check the Verify Burn box.
  • If you have added bookmarks to your video during editing you can choose to use these as chapters in the finished article by checking the appropriate box.
  • If you want a menu on your DVD then click the Add Menu button
  • Set up a menu (if required) by choosing the template ; titles, background images etc. 
  • Click Save Menu. This returns to the main setup screen....(The Burn option may be greyed out if there is not a disc in the drive.)
  • Open the DVD writer and insert a DVD. (I prefer to use an RW disc as you can check things are working OK beforehand) This now activates the Burn tab
  • Click Burn
  • VP asks if it is OK to overwrite existing data on the RW disc.  Click Overwrite
  • Disc is checked, erased and your video is then burned and the drive opened.
  • Close drive for Verifying the burn
  • Burn copy discs if required.

The completed disc should  play OK in your DVD player. (Always does here... :))

If you export your project first as (let's say an mp4 or avi etc) you can use the more dedicated  NCH Express Burn to create your DVD instead of using the burning options  built into VP (which in general, are perfectly adequate) .



Thanks Joe

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