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Wavepad is eating my hard drive!

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Help!  Wavepad is eating up all the memory on my Macbook!  I have a 2019 Macbook Pro with Catalina iOS and 512gb memory.  Evidently when I load (or save?) a file into Wavepad it creates a bunch of files in my Macbook's Library->Application Support->Wavepad directory.  After loading and editing a dozen mp3 files of 45-90mb each, the Wavepad directory now has an astonishing 54+ Gb of files -- that's over 10% of my hard drive's capacity!  The culprits seem to be files with an .aud suffix -- 21.aud, 4.aud, 37.aud, etc.  Some of them are over a gig apiece in size -- much larger than the original files I'm working with.  
Has anyone else run into this?
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I first opened a support ticket on this issue on June 7th and a second on June 14th.  No response yet other than an autoreply saying the requests had been received and suggesting that I buy Tech Support if I want priority service.  C'mon guys -- this is a fundamental issue!


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