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Bitrate question/washed out colour


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Usually my videos are 20mins ish and on default settings come out at 35000kbps ish which is short of the original source of 52000kbps

If I change to "High" settings the bitrate is over 100000kbps which is silly when the source is half that resulting in huge file sizes

The closest I can get to the original source is 40000kbps from the menu.  Clearly 20-30 years from now when our videos are stretched over ever increasing resolutions they are going to look inferior so we need the encode capturing as much detail from the original source as possible.  Is there a way for me to manually select 52000kbps?  If not why not - needs to be in updated release (or at least add 50000, 60000, 70000 increments so people can get as close to their original source.)

Interestingly I ran the following tests on a short 10 sec clip:   Maybe the results are as  result of the very short clip, but can anyone explain:

I'm using Core I7 8700K with 16gb RAM and 3 GIG graphics card (windows 10 fully up to date) and the latest release of Videopad.

Standard/default output:  118000kbps - very high bitrate, colours noticeably muted compared to original 

Bitrate set to 40000:  Looks the same as standard/default settings

Standard/Default but with boosted saturation (25), exposure (-0.1), contrast (5), Temperature (5) - this gets the clip as close to the original as possible. Bitrate:  35000kbps

My questions:

why in this test does videopad go so much higher than the original source making huge file sizes at default setting.  Surely it should aim for as close to the original source?

why does doing some basic colour grading massively reduce the bitrate from 118000 to 35000kbps?  (This has to be done as the clips look washed out otherwise)

if my original source is approx 52000kbps why can't I set this manually to get the best quality and file size?  the max I can set it to is 40000.  If I use the "High" setting the bitrate is over 100000kbps.

On all settings the colour/ contrast looks washed out compared to the original (It's not terrible but very noticeable side by side) so colour grading has to be done which seems to reduce bitrate (which I am trying to keep close to original source. 

Lossless is not an option as I mix photos with my video clips (family holidays etc) which videopad does not like - is there a reason why videopad can not just recode the images and leave the videos lossless?  Sorry  if this is impossible, I'm not that technical.  

Sorry for the long post - thanks for your responses. 


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