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Big Problem the users can delete invoices

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I noticed today that users can issue invoice and collect cash from customers and then keep the cash in their pocket and delete the invoice which totally unsecured no one should be allowed to delete invoices 

I have sent also message to developers as without strong security the program will be useless 

My both inventoria and express invoicing linked synchronized if invoice issued and paid the stock will be adjusted in inventoria but the sales guy keep the cash in his pocket and delete the invoice and because the invoice is deleted the stock in inventoria will be adjusted back to the original position but in fact the fiscal stock not same as in inventoria as the customer already collect his purchased item from the sales man so there is item missing and no why to find who stolen the cash if you have more than one user

how to go about this problem  

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First thing first.. Fire your sales staff. He don't deserve a minute at your place. If you have evidence. I will strongly suggest to report it to Police as well to make his life bit more painful.

Secondly try to report it under bug section to NCH. https://www.nch.com.au/software/bug.html. I strongly believe they won't do much but what to do. You get what you pay for.

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The Program is a  great but these small important issues should be done as system without a strong security will create a losses to owners of shops if they are not all the time in the shop

By the way I have reported this issue to the developers and I hope they do some updates to resolve this issue


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