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Video effect features (circle mask collapse)


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Hi. Is there an effect or plugin effect that can fade a color clip to B&W and visa versa? Also is there a transition that fades in and out to to black in a circle shape (like old movies), and can be positioned anywhere in the frame? Thanks for your help in advance.

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"....Also is there a transition that fades in and out to to black in a circle shape (like old movies), and can be positioned anywhere in the frame?...."

There isn't a transition that will do this. The only transition that is circular will go from small to large in black and will always be central. However you can make one that will do what you want that you can save but will need some preparatory work to set it up.It requires you to set up a mask. (See below)

Here is the basic idea using a rectangular mask for simplicity.

  • Place a clip (any clip will do) on Video track 1
  • Place a black Blank image on the overlay track -Video Track 2 directly above this.
  • Click the FX on Video Track 2 and then Add an effect mask (second tab at the top with the small green + and black spot) This will place a red/white rectangle with handles in the centre of the Clip Preview screen. This is the mask. Note this shape can be changed and saved but for the moment leave it as a rectangle.
  • Check that the Mask Inside box is ticked.
  • Click the Green + and add a Transparency effect.
  • Set the Opacity slider to zero  (to the right.) In the Sequence Preview you will now see the background clip in the area of the mask since the inside of the mask is now transparent.
  • The masked area can be made to go larger or smaller by adding a Scale effect and animating it using keyframes.
  • So at the start of the sequence the mask is set with  the Scale at 3.00 (Max), you will see all the Track 1 clip (Keyframe 1)
  • At the end of the sequence with the Scale set at 0 (Min) all of the track 1 clip will be hidden. (Keyframe 2)
  • Playing the sequence the  (masked visible area) of the clip on Track 1 will gradually get smaller to disappear at the end .
  • aaa.jpg ch
  • At this point the mask is central but by adding a Position effect. You can have it start and finish at different points, again by using keyframes. Here it finishes (and disappears) to the right of the centre...
  • cccc.jpg


Making a circular mask

This simple example above uses the basic rectangular mask outline but any shape could be set up by moving the mask handles or by adding more by clicking the mask outline and dragging them to new positions but for a circular mask it better to use a prepared circular outline to make the mask like this...

  • Add a Black Blank clip to Video Track 2
  • Add a Blank Green image (any colour in practice other than black ) to Video Track1  Note the order of tracks
  • Add a Circle Transition to the end of the black clip and set the red cursor line just past the centre of the transition bar. Adjust the position of the cursor so that the green circle is just inside the frame.....
  • xx.jpg
  • Delete Video track 1 by right clicking at the left end and deleting the Track This will leave the sequence preview screen apparently all black.
  • Right click the Sequence preview screen and Take a  Snapshot .
  • Clear the timeline and add the Snapshot to Video Track 1. It will now have a central area that is transparent.
  • Click the FX and Add the polygon Mask effect....
  • mm.jpg
  • Now drag the points of the mask as many times as needed to produce a  good smooth circle...
  • nn.jpg
  • Check you have the Mask inside box ticked.
  • Now click the blue cassette icon at the top of the effects window to save your circular mask as an effect chain template.

You can now use the circular mask you have made like any other effect as it will appear in the Template section of the effects library.

Use it as described above instead of using the mask tab.

Hope this helps


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Excellent.  Yet another approach...

Place a black blank clip on track one
Click its FX icon and apply a mask (inside) - shape it into a reasonably large circle
Add the TRANSPARENCY effect set to 0.00
Add the MOTION effect
     Animate SCALE where the start fills the screen and the end is 0.00
     Animate BASE X and BASE Y as desired
Save this as "Circle Close" effects template

When you want to apply it...
Place the cursor where you want the effect to be
Create a blank clip with the color wanted for the circle's background
Right-click the blank and OVERLAY AT CURSOR
Click the FX on this blank clip in the sequence and apply the custom template

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