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Files Organized within Folders in the Media Tab


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Is there a way to organize all files in the Media Tab within Folders or to keep my Windows File Explorer file/folder structure?  I am doing a slideshow of a trip that I took where I went to 31 different places.  I have all my photos (about 750) and a few videos organized in Windows File Explorer by folder..... one for each of the 31 places.  There will likely be many duplicate file names across the folders.  And the photos were taken with multiple cameras and phones so the file names don't have a significant meaning or sequence.  I'm afraid that when I load the photos in to Photostage I will have a disorganized mess of 750 photos and videos, not to mention audio files.

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I don´t think it does. The media bin has several tabs to store all media you load (images, audio files, videos) and they will all be divided but there is no option to load files in order following the folder structure of where you have them saved. You can reach to NCH tech support and see if they have more information. https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html 

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