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Web Access Problem


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I am facing a problem with web accessing the program as my ISP keep changing the public IP daily and I tried using NO-IP fortunately did not worked is there a way to solve this problem as I am working from office and my computer running the Inventoria v7.04 is at home as no password protections is made  and I am afraid some one access the software and play with my data.

Please any one knows a way to use alternative to NO-IP  to use cloud access



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IF you are still dealing with the issue, I suggest you look into a remote access solution.
A very simple way to remotely access a computer is thru the use of Google's Chrome browser. It allows for an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)-like experience while being independent of your ISP's dynamic IP addresses.

In other words, you can use a browser extension installed into your Chrome browser, in order to access remote assets.
Hope this helps.

-Some guy looking for a better inventory solution...

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