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Audio issues

Annette White

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I just purchased Express Scribe Transcription software.  The files have been put in the program and when I start, there is not audio even though audio is operating on my computer.  Can anyone tell me if you have had the same issue.  Need help quickly.  thanks!

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First, go to ¨Options¨ and under the Playback tab make sure you do have the correct playback device selected and that the programs volume is set to max and then click ¨OK¨. On the main page if you have a small window called ¨Channels¨ make sure both the ¨0¨ and ¨1¨ are blue, this means both channels are on. Then test again and see if you get audio. If you do not I think your next step is to contact NCH tech support. You can create a support ticket for them on the link below:


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