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Suddenly the scheduling option (to schedule debut to record future items) has changed from regular time, with the option to choose am or pm, to military time. I find this annoying to use since I have to count on my fingers past 1:00 pm. It also changed it from black letters on white background (which I find easier to read, particularly at night) to white letters on black. (It also changed the white to black on the recordings preview list.) I, and a knowledgeable friend (he also builds computers), and Geek Squad Level 2, have tried to find the answer to changing it back. Don't know why it suddenly changed. There's nothing in any options, in the contents, or help menu. I've emailed support and they did not answer the question. I can't figure anyone else who would know the answer. I've looked at all the forum topics and I don't find this here. If anyone knows how to revert this back I'll be very greatfull. Thanks.

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