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bought a new computer and added my old hard drive to it but have lost all my data and there was no backup file. There should be some way of finding my client list and old invoices aswell as estimates but I’m lost, tried looking in all my document folders on old hard drive, Local Disk (E:) in this case. 

also it’s saying that I have to buy full version again, I’ve already bought it twice, once on my computer and once on girlfriends Mac book when I didn’t have access to my P.C


love the program but out of ideas and I’m not going to buy it a 3rd time


Thanks in advance!

A Stoopid Concrete Guy

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If you have access to the old hard drive information, please go to this folder: C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\ExpressInvoice

That is where Express Invoice store the information on the Pc's. If you don't have information there, then you might have lost the information, the proper way of doing a back up is from "Tools" and "Back up Data".

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Found it! Had to turn on “show hidden files” in the view options on windows browser! But now it says that my product is unlicensed?? Just bought a new license because I need to get these invoices out but shouldn’t the program have known that I did already have a licence?? Like I says I had already purchased it twice and now this is the third time.. 

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