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Record m3u file from Internet


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I am trying to convert a m3u file available from the internet to a mp3 stored on my computer. I play the m3u on my computer and SoundTap shows it is recording with no interruptions. When I access the SoundTap find and play window, I get a couple dozen mp3 files. A couple of the files are a little over 12 minutes in length (the original m3u file was 59 minutes in length) however most of the files are either zero length or fractions of a second in length. Do I have something set incorrectly.

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An m3u file is a playlist. It simply tells your audio player which tracks to play and in what order.


The little zero length mp3 files you are getting are probably system click noises (like button clicks) - SoundTap records anything that comes through the sound card.


The 12 minute files are probably the tracks specified by the m3u playlist. The reason you may get more than one is there could have been an interruption to the stream. SoundTap starts a new file for every new stream it receives.


If you would like to edit the files you have recorded to cut and join them, I would suggest using WavePad http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/masters.html



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