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Can't Remove Motion Effect Outline from Video


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I have encountered an unusual problem.  The circular outline with radius and the rectangle outline from the Video Effects Menu called "Motion" have appeared in my video.  I do not know how they got into my project and I did not click on the Video Effects Menu to place them there.  Most importantly, I can't figure out how to remove this from my project.  I would appreciate it if someone can tell me how to remove this from my project.

Thank you

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Are you saying that the Circle/Rectangle/Position controls....Like this...are also appearing with your exported project?......


  If your are seeing this happen then there is a problem.

However, it is normal for them to  appear in the project itself during editing.  The Scale/Rotation/Position  controls appear on the Preview Screens as shown above  of overlay clips and images. Being overlays I think NCH see this as a quick way of adjusting the images so they will fit where required over any clip on a lower track without having to invoke the FX for the selected clips.

They should not export though and also not be seen in copied clips.



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