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FLACS from V5.xx seem different to V 8.06


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Has anyone noticed a change in FLAC files recently i used to use v 5.something, but recently I bought v 8.06 and found the the FLAC's are corrupted. I have used other converting software and its just fine. how can i make the FLAC's like i did with v5? or can i go back to v5? 

edit1;  i tried converting the switch flac's with another convertor and im getting  MD5 did not match decoded data file is corrupt

Edit2; Went back the original wavs (which i suspect were converted from something else) used a different convertor to create flac's and its fine

Why would switch break the MD5?


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Files that contain the .md5 file extension are not supported by the program. What is the original format of the files that you are converting, here you can check the supported formats: http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/switch/win/switchformats.html

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