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HEVC Codec issue


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I am producing a collaborative music video with various members of the band sending me their individual recordings for me to edit together. One video I have received does not play in the Windows 10 Film player app, saying that HEVC codec is required. However the video does load into videopad 🙂 . I was also able to generate my low-res proxy using Any Video Converter.

What is odd though is that when I include this in my project with the other clips, something strange seems to be happening when I add / remove effects and view the clip in the clip & sequence previews. Sometimes the video shows correctly, and then it will switch to being stretched to a different width. It doesn't seem to be consistent when and why it does this. Deleting the cache and rebooting doesn't seem to fix it either. The video is in 9:16 (1920x1088) and my project is 16:9. Seems to be happening with both the original and my low-res proxy, but have mostly been using the latter.

I have now re-coded the video, by using the Stretch to Aspect Ratio effect in videopad and exporting just this clip. This seems to have fixed it, but I thought people might be interested in case this is a subtle bug in VP somewhere. I am currently using v8.31. I will upgrade to latest version at some point, but am in the middle of this and another couple of projects at the moment, so don't want to do this just yet.


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