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Can I speed up preview playback?

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Hi, can I speed up preview playback?

I know how to change clip speed. But, I don't know how to speed up preview playback.

When I have several video tracks and when I want to check everything is ok,

I want to preview as 2-4 time faster.

Sincerely Ryan.

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The Sequence preview and the clip preview play back at a constant 30 fps and there is not a setting to alter this

You can of course scrub the red cursor line right and left to "speed up" the display which will show the result of all the tracks on the sequence. This can be viewed if required in the undocked sequence preview window. You can do the same action with the sequence Preview window cursor line but note that there isn't a "block" at the top to grab, but you can grab the line which is quite narrow.


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