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Overlaping soundrack fade in->fade out


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I need to create a soundtrack that overlaps fade in and fade out. In order to do so, I have created 2 separate soundtracks, 1 & 2. At the point where track 1 begins to fade out, track 2 begins to fade in. This was simple in MovieMaker and allowed me to move the entire soundtrack to accommodate adding a slide at any point. In Photostage I cannot move the entire soundtrack only the individual soundbites. I have read about locking the soundtrack but I cannot fine the lock option anywhere. Clicking to the left or right of a soundbite does nothing

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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In this case, you can add the audio file, if you double click this would provide you the option to set the section that you need from the Audio, then once that you have this you right-click the audio and apply the fade-out, the audio would show a blue line going the fade, then you add the second audio and do the same steps. In the end you would get 2 audio files with Effects. 

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Thank you for your response however I believe by utilizing your method audio# 1 would fade out to 0 before audio# 2 started to fade in leaving a dead spot where they join. What I am trying to accomplish on one soundtrack is -- at the point (in time) where audio file #1 begins to fade out audio file # 2 begins to fade in. I can do this utilizing 2 soundtrack lines but not on one. Again, thank you and if you can come up with a process I would appreciate it since I am out of ideas.

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I see this question in a simple way: When I make a Cross Fade Video Transition I would like a automatic Audio Cross Fade, together. 

And more, the Cross Fade Video Transition having the same time of the Audio Cross Fade.

This way I don´t need to use a Audio editor for a simple Transition with two clips.

How I can do what I said?

Thanks, Jorge


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