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 I have started a new video project. I have recorded the videos on an iPhone 11, 4K at 30 frames per second. Video pad is struggling with these media files. They take a long time to load, any changes stalls the computer. They don't load & sometimes crashes.

It shouldn't be anything that would stall the software, the video files are 873 MB QuickTime Movie (.MOV) & go for a max 5-6 mins time. I have to begin to use the iphone 11 4K on these video files so would really appreciate some help as it's urgent.

I have uploaded the latest version, checked my free space on the computer, checked for malware. I'm using a hp pavilion x360 14. I can hear the computer boot up & struggle whenever I go near any of the video files.

Thank you,

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If you have not cleared the cache for some time it may be very full with previous work.

Check out Proxy editing...


The principle is simple. You copy your clips in a smaller format and edit these. Save your project and swap the proxy files for the original ones. (they should retain the same names and be in the same location) Then reload you project from the vpj file. The project will now be reconstructed with the larger original files and the project can then be exported. (It won't speed up exporting though.)


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We'd also like to see the project as you do, to try to replicate your issues.  Please upload the PORTABLE project (not the export) to a free server.  It's easy, fairly fast and can be private.

Here's how...  http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/23659-tips-for-getting-help-on-this-forum/

If it contains sensitive material link it in a personal message (PM).  Click the envelope above.  It won't be passed on or retained.  Use FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT AS, not simply SAVE PROJECT, and don't forget to share it.

  If you have not been able to complete the project on the timeline, just upload the files themselves from their folder.

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thanks guys, cleared the cache & didn't help.

I ended up pre trimming the videos prior to importing them as I didn't want to risk getting all the way to the end of editing it & the replace not working. Not ideal & moving forward not going to help but will do for this project.

Thanks again!

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