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Utilizing Soundtap with the built in sound card on a Surface Pro 6

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Has anyone been able to figure out how to utilize Soundtap with their internal sound card on their Surface Pro? Plugging in any external USB headset or speaker works perfectly fine. Plugging in a headset into the 3.5mm port or just using the native speaker and microphone built into the Surface Pro does not yield any feedback in Soundtap. It will successfully connect to the driver however the software will not detect any audio or microphone input streaming. I have played around with the control panel sound settings and input device in Soundtap. The driver version I have is Realtek High Definition Audio(SST)

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I too have experienced this, and just now (Sun 8-02-2020) sent in a BUG report to technical services. I hope to update  this forum when I get a response.

Its also on my Surface Pro 6 with the same realtek SST card-

If anyone sees or knows of a separate thread on this topic, please let us know.



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