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2nd Time Problem with Exporting (RESOLVED)

Quantum Theurgy

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This is the 2nd time that I have created a video using VP. The first time I was not able to export the file. I attempted to export my video as a mp4. For 24 hours I watched as the "sound clips processing ... please wait" message repeated over and over. Finally, I decided that something must be wrong and that I should contact the forum. 

I have Version 8.32 Professional. I'm running Windows 10, Version 1909 (installed 3/27/2020), 8 GB RAM, 64-bit operating system, on an All-In-One HP Desktop 20-c005la.  

A very helpful and knowledgeable person in this forum helped me out. I was asked to share my project with the forum, which I was able to do. This person very kindly fixed whatever was wrong with my file and sent it back to me. However, no explanation was given regarding what I had done wrong the first time, or how to prevent it from reoccurring. Now, I’ve just completed my 2nd video and attempted to export it, and I received the same sound processing message that never stops.

Please would someone very kindly take a look at my files – I hope I have uploaded them correctly – and fix them? I have links to two versions of the same project because I am not sure which is the most recent. Also, I would be most grateful if someone might tell me what I am doing wrong to cause this endless "sound clips processing" message that I receive when exporting? I don’t want to continually bother the group with the same problem, and if I know what I am doing incorrectly, I will follow the instructions correctly in the future.

Many thanks.




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Your earlier issue couldn't be replicated here .  What was purported to be an A/V file was in fact an Mp3, thus no video.

The two files in your current project are reported by another program to be non-standard.  They are extremely slow to process and at export hang with "processing sound clips."

What was their source?  Please describe, in order, the precise steps used when they were stabilized Were other effects added to the file, such as SCALE?   Files will be submitted to the developers for analysis.

Stay tuned to this thread for updates when the cause of the problem is found.  You have done nothing wrong.  Come here any time;  that's what the forum is for.

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Thanks very much for helping me out with this project. I hope we can get to the bottom of the problem. I am using VP Professional Version 8.32.

First, it occurred to me that maybe my video camera is producing files that are confusing VP. I am using a Nikon COOLPIX P100 Ver. 10 camera with Full HD, 10.3 Megapixels, 240 fps. It is not a new camera; I bought it in a pawn shop. So, I am concerned that perhaps the age of the camera is the reason that it seems to be producing non-standard files. I have not changed any of the factory settings for the camera. I recorded the audio for this project using Audacity and saved the audio project as an mp3 file.

Regarding your question as to how I stabilized the raw video footage, I choose the first of the two videos I had added using the Add Files feature, and right clicked on the first video. I scrolled down to Stabilize Video – Deshaker Options – Medium Quality – Advanced - Highlighted Pass 1 & 2 and did not change the factory settings – and then clicked on Pass 2 – Edge Compensation – Adaptive+fixed (no borders) – and clicked OK.

I performed the same exact task on the second video.

I unlinked the original audio from both videos, and then using the Add Files feature, uploaded my Audacity mp3 file to the Audio Section. I tried adding a Video transition between the end of the first video and the beginning of the second video. I may not understand how the VP video transitions work or how to properly utilize them, but it appeared that the transition only occurred up until the end of the first video and immediately stopped when the second video began. This is unlike Windows Movie Maker that has the transition beginning at the end of one video, and ending after the beginning of the second video. Therefore, I did attempt to use VP's video transitions, but I do not remember if I used them or deleted them. 

Thanks. It's great to know that this forum is here to support the customers. Your help is much appreciated. 

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A developer notes that each AVI file lists 29:00 of video and 302 hours of audio.  And, though one is 3.91 and the other 6.25GB, they have identical lengths.

There's something wrong with those files.  image.png

For further investigation please upload one original, PRE-stabilized file

Suggest also that you upgrade to version 8.35.  For licensed users upgrades are free for up to six months from purchase date.  After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest.  Retain your old install file and registration info.

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For your next stabilization, you can retain the High Quality setting.

Under Advanced, Pass 1 & 2, for the Source Pixel Aspect choose Standard NTSC  (0.912).

Under Pass two Edge Compensation stick with Adaptive + fixed (no borders).

Make no other changes.  Tested here, that produced a file of the correct length and decent quality.

The stabilized file was paired with the 1st half of your Mp3.

Lossless export, which won't be available if a transition is added, produced an AVI in less than a minute.  Re-encodng will take longer.

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