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Cannot burn DVD


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Does not

Recognise a disc inserted in the burner

Recognise Dual layer dvd disc

Shows green timeline pre burning, crashes when almost completed

Cannot get support from NCH no matter how many attempts made

What is with this company, buy its product, ignored from then on

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Wow, finished all the steps. Created an iso file, imported it into Express Burn, and after 6 and 1/2 hours had to abort. Threw out the DVD disc. After I stopped the program it said it was only 10% done. Super frustrated. Mac OS High Sierra. Plenty of memory back up and the single layer blank disc still had about 30 percent unused from the calculation. My video is only 1hr 27min.s and supposedly I took away all the "hard work" by creating the iso file. Scratching my head on this. Everything to this point was fine but, please help before I decide to uninstall and go elsewhere. 

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I have create my slideshow and tried to burn it, it never shows when the burning has started or finish. I feel like everyone else. This is not good for my business. When I go to you tube I dont see any of those steps. I want my money back support is full of @s**** take our money and then we have to pay for different levels of support. SUPPORT isn't SUPPORTED!!!

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