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Help - I can't add an audio track!


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I just purchased my "free" VideoPad software. "Professional version 8.35." For home use only.

I have created a sequence with video (and audio.) Now, I'm trying to add a second audio track to "overlay" the existing video (and linked audio) on one clip. The program will not let me do this. I have watched the "help" videos and my program is not responding like the video. What am I doing wrong?

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You say that you have purchased.  Did you register?  Click the 3-lined 'hamburger' menu at the top-left, and click Register VideoPad.

With your audio track in the bin (top-left), drag it beneath the existing audio track/s.  Or position the red cursor where you want to drop the new audio, right-click on the audio file in the bin  an OVERLAY ON SEQUENCE AT CURSOR.


When you say "the program will not let me do this" - how does it respond?

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Yes I have registered.  When I drag my audio clip below the existing audio track, nothing happens. It does not insert my clip. I will try the other method you described by using the red cursor. Thanks for your help!

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Thank you gents:

Thanks for your input; However, I solved the problem as follows:

The “default” presentation on my screen was the “Storyboard” display mode. In this mode, it will not let me add a second audio track (as you probably know.) It wouldn’t  even display “Track 1” or ‘Track 2.” It only showed “Linked Audio.”

I “accidentally” selected the “Timeline” mode, and now it will let me add tracks as you described.

It is very irritating to me that I could not find any instructions from NCH describing these two modes. It took me three days of experimenting to figure this out. I shouldn’t have to do that. NCH could (and should) do a better job explaining these things for new users!

I now have a second question: Since I was having trouble initially, I went ahead and paid NCH their fee for their “free” software. I did so because I thought this would get me better service from them. I did reach out to tech support and they have not responded. 

I don’t expect that I will need further help, so should I request a refund? (They said they would refund my fee.) 

Thank again for your help!


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A bit of confusion here...

The paid version that you can register enables all features, and upgrades are free for up to six months.  After that it will continue to function, but there will be a fee if you want to upgrade.

The 'free' version is actually a trial - the same program but with somewhat limited features.  Install it at any time to check out new or changed features.

Sorry about the Storyboard/Timeline confusion.  Normally the program starts up in timeline mode.  Storyboard displays only track 1 content, as you have noted.

As for tech support, check out these links...



Of course this forum is free, and should be your first resource.

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