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Scarlett Solo: No Audio from Input 2

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Using Wavepad on MacBook Pro, OS Catalina v10.15.14 -- Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo (2nd gen)

The Scarlett Solo has two inputs, #1 for an XLR mic, and #2 for an instrument, with a switch to toggle between line or instrument gain.

Wavepad will record from Input #1, no problem. But will not record any audio from input #2, even when I select "Input 2" from the pulldown menu in Preferences. In fact, even with "Input 2" selected, it will still record audio from "Input 1" if there is a live mic connected there. 

Using Garage Band, I was able to select and record audio from either input, so the issue is definitely with the Wavepad software. 

Any ideas?


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