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Vloeiende overgang (fade-in, fade-out) maken tussen twee bewegende clips met geluid.

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Probleem: Wanneer ik een overgang maak tussen twee bewegende clips met geluid, loopt het geluid in de tweede clip niet meer synchroon met het beeld.

Ook loopt de overgang niet vloeiend: eerste deel van de overgang wel goed, maar aan het eind van de overgang zie ik een stukje herhaling van de tweede clip.

Van alles geprobeerd. Maar kom er niet uit. Wie kan mij helpen dit probleem op te lossen?

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This is nominally and English language forum,,,However...:)

".....Problem: When I transition between two moving clips with sound, the sound in the second clip becomes out of sync with the image. Also, the transition does not run smoothly: the first part of the transition is fine, but at the end of the transition I see a bit of repetition of the second clip. Tried everything. But don't get out. Who can help me solve this problem?......"

What version of VP are you using? The latest is 8.35.   There was a similar problem in an earlier version that caused a rewind/playback after a transition which was corrected. Also before previewing ensure that your changes have been registered  in the cache and the green bar has correctly regenerated.

When you make a transition like a crossfade between clips select to Generate Freeze frames This should then keep the audio in synch.If you are not getting a choice when you select the transition you can set the choice up in the Options/Editing



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