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Stops working 30 min into use

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Voxal Plus will work fine every time I start it for about 30 min, but then stops working and says application is no longer using mic. 

I am then required to restart both Voxel and my game to resolve this.

I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

I've had the same issue so far will discord and vr chat.

Hopefully there is a better fix for this as it takes me out of the game if I wish to gain my voice mod back.

I will commend this program for having some of the most versatile features from what I've seen and that's why I wish to stay with this one.

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I have same problem for a while and I tried every version of it to fix but still it stops after 30-40 mins. need to plug my mic off then it works again for next 30 40 mins. Especially Im trying to use it on Discord. Please help to fix it.  

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On 1/4/2021 at 11:15 AM, Fred28 said:

Please remember this is a user´s forum, the issue you are reporting seems to be a bug and my recommendation to you is to contact the NCH Technical team to report this, you can create a support ticket for them here:  https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html

Yea, you get no support unless you buy. Why would someone buy this if it doesn't work correctly for them?

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