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Flatlined Audio


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I cannot seem to find any reference to this subject.

After loading a new version 7.16 of Photostage, I had the weirdess thing occur. When I double clicked on the .spj file in the directory where all my files for the particular show were located, it would load everything fine... but the audio tracks on the timeline were flatlined. No audio at all.

When I opened up photostage with the desktop short cut, and then specified in the program menus the show I wanted to open, the audio tracks appeared normal.

Anymore, I open up photostage, and then clear the cache before doing anything. I dont think the cache is the problem. It would appear that some environmental variable in Windows 10 is not set up correctly. LITTERALLY I was getting different results, depending on how I opened up the SAME .spj file. 

Is this a known issues, or a bug that is in the works to be fixed ????

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