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17:10 01/05/2020
Hi. I used to occasionally use windows movie maker, but it seems to not have been continued with Windows 10. So I'm trying videopad. I have a 2h52m video which is too quiet. I imported it to videopad (8.35), hit select all, then amplify, increased the percentage from 100 to a higher figure, (also I tried Normalize), but then I cannot find anything to press to apply the changes. I tried pressing ENTER on the keyboard, but nothing seems to happen, Surely there should be a box to press using the mouse, and shouldn't there also be a notice saying "your changes have been applied" or something like that. Or am I missing something?
If this doesn't work on the free version, can I delete the sound, and then import a new sound file? (I can amplify the sound with audacity.)

Thank you.

Update. After exporting the file, it seems that it has indeed got louder.  For some reason I hadn't noticed this visually. However in Audacity, when you make changes, you have to hit OK to apply the changes. I know that's not NCH, but it would also be helpful in videopad (if it's there. I must have missed it).

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exported videofile & listened
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Effects are applied when configured.  No need to <enter> or OK.  The sequence waveform display will not change. To delete an effect, click the white X to the right of its name.

If a right-click on the audio track offers EDIT IN WAVEPAD, this launches the app.  Make changes, then click the red X at the top-right to close.  Click through any prompts.

The revised WAV will be substituted for the original in Videopad and both versions will be in the audio bin.  With this method the timeline waveform should reflect a change.

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