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Simple image overlay fade question

Don Gibson

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Just trying to find out before I buy Videopad, this simple question of production.   I have a teacher that wants to be videoed lecturing for his class to watch later, with the ability to fade in a slide WITH his voice underneath, and then fade out of the slide as he transitions to another topic.  Then repeat through the entire lecture the same process and be able to export out as a final video.  Is the NCH Software Videopad the good option to do this two track manipulation without brain surgery.   Said in all humbleness from a rank armature video editor.

Thanks for your input. 

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You are adding cutaways and is a basic requirement of any video editor worthy of that name. Check this forum entry ....



In short..

  • Place the teachers clip on Video Track1
  • Place the slide clip in the correct place on Video Track 2
  • Drag it out to the desired duration
  • Click the f  at the start of the image clip and set a suitable fade-in time.
  • Click the X at the end of the image clip and select Fade transition.

When the timeline is played the cutaway (the slide) will fade in over the main video and then fade-out again at the point that you set.The audio will play throughout. Make the slide the same AR as the teacher's video clip


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