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Folks, the tech representative I spoke with today was unsure how/if this is possible:

I have a video clip with audio that I would like to add cutaway images to. The soloist is singing and when she gets to a particular point in the song, I would like to drop in an image (jpeg) to illustrate the that part of the song. The audio track continues and during the 15 seconds or so that the video plays the jpeg is the only thing on the screen that shows (the original video during the image projection disappears). when the clip ends, the video and audio are in sync until it's time to drop in the next jpeg.

This is a pretty sophisticated program. Isn't there a easy way to make this happen?


(4/20 .. using the latest version of videopad, downloaded today)


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Higher numbered tracks take precedence over lower tracks.

The A/V clip would be on track 1.  Cutaways would be overlaid on track 2.  An easy way to do that is to position the red cursor where you want the cutaway to begin, then right-click the cutaway in the bin (top-left) and OVERLAY ON SEQUENCE AT CURSOR.

Drag the overlay clip left or right as desired, to position it.  To change the duration of the cutaway, place the cursor on the edge of the cutaway until a bracket [   ]  is seen.  Then drag the bracket left or right.

If the cutaway video is the same size or bigger than the main track, then that track won't be seen.

If it's smaller, the main track will appear in the background (around the cutaway).  This is picture-in-picture.

Size the cutaway, if necessary, using SCALE, ZOOM effects, to fill the frame.


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guys, thanks for your prompt response. much easier than i expected, or was led to believe.

horizontal pix not a problem; VERTICAL ones are going to take some work. tried video on 1; black jpg on 2 to hide the background from track 1; overlaid jpg on track 3. it works.



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