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I have been attempting to recover music I had composed between the years of 2010 - 2016 and recording onto various CDs. However, when you use the "Load Tracks from CD" tool, it gives all the compositions on the CD strange names of compositions by classical composers. In other words, the music on the CD is being ripped, but each composition is being named incorrectly. For example,  all the compositions now have classical music titles, some are in German,  others are titled with such names as: Fuga, Adagio, Fantasia, etc. Please, does anyone know why this is happening?

When I originally recorded the music, I recorded all the compositions as mp3s. I had connected my keyboard directly to my desktop computer, and then had the computer burn the CD. Often I used the reproduction protection feature on my computer program, and so now when I insert the CD into my present computer, I only receive a list of .cda files, which of course, I cannot rip directly. I have been using WavePad's "Load Tracks from CD" tool to bypass the .cda protection. 

Please tell me if I am attempting to rip the files from these CDs correctly. All the music is my original music. Almost all the music is in mono because at the time I was making these recordings I did not have an analog to digital converter. 

Thank you very much for your time and attention in this regard. 

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First off, man you should have recorded that music in a better format than mp3! What were you thinking?!

And why the reproduction protection for your own recordings, on your own computer? (sorry to poke you with that after all this time)

Second, are you using a mac or pc? (mainly because the terminology and processes might vary)

NCH's Switch software proposes to be able to convert .cda files. 

Have you tried extracting the files from the cds via any other method (I again refer back to inquiring about your platform - mac/pc)




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Thanks for writing. I can only say that I'm learning as I'm going. I thought mp3 was the industry standard. 

I put the reproduction protection on because I considered these to be "hard copy" backups of my music, and also some of them were gifts to various people and I didn't want to discover that these individuals for whatever reason used my original music for their own purposes. 

I am using a PC. Many of these were made on computers I had 10 years ago. I'm currently running Windows 10 on a HP 64-bit, 8 RAM, 1.80 GHz processor. 

Is NCH Switch Software a different program than WavePad, as I already have purchase WavePad. 

The only method I have tried to extract the files is to view the files and if they are not protected, copy them onto my hard drive. The files that were produced when I used the "Load Tracks from CD" tool is not producing files that I can play. The properties state that they are mp3 files, but none of my programs seem to be able to play them. 


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