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Record video on existing video - how to monitor voice

Berry Picker

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I have an existing video I would like to record a video of me singing or playing instrument to. I can play the video, click the record button and record a video and sound just fine, but I would like to be able to hear/monitor what I am doing in the headphones while still hearing the original sound. This would help to stay on key!

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Using Windows 7, 8, or 10?  To launch the Sound Settings box...

In the search box at the bottom-left, type mmsys.cpl, then click the highlighted item at the top of results screen

    OR Right-click the Windows logo at the bottom-left of the screen, click the  RUN item

                In the box that pops up type "mmsys.cpl"  and click on OK

    OR right-click the Windows logo and click on  Command Prompt, type mmsys.cpl and press the <enter> key.

Click the Recording tab, DOUBLE-click on the  Microphone tab, then click on the Listen tab

Click the "Listen to this device" box, then click on OK

    Use headphones or there may be feedback

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Berry Picker said:  I'm getting a delay ... Any solution to that?

Can't say with authority ... but it's doubtful.

That said, there is another approach worth a try, using headphones, which has nothing to do with VP narration features.

Play your video in a media app.  Use Windows Voice Recorder (in the Programs list) to record your mic.  You should hear both sources.

When complete, the file will be in the PC's Documents|Sound Recordings folder.  Drop that file, in sync, onto VP's audio track.  image.png

If speakers remain on it may be necessary to disconnect them, so they don't feed back into the mic.  This succeeded in a brief test here.

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