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I can't record SOUND,  I tried everything. I  had read many many comments and did try out almost all suggestions in this forum and also from the technical support page from NCH but nobody reported back wiyh a suggestion did solve the problem. I"m using  DEBUT 6.18 I bought today with the EasyCAP as a capture device and tried already to change all the settings in the debut's software and in my computer (windows 10) but nothing is working. I'm trying to digitise my Hi8 cassetes from my camera. Video is good, but not sound. Ii have been trying all the suggestions but nothing works!!! Also I try this: In the Options of Debut go to the 'Devices' tab and confirm that "Capture Sound" is enabled.BUT THERE IS NO "DEVICES TAB"!!!

Please give me a good solution that works/



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Do you get the problem with all the formats? You may try to record using a different format. What audio compressor are you using? Did you try to play back the recorded video using a different media player like VLC or Windows Media Player? Do you have external speakers, headphone or a second monitor with speakers connected to your computer? If so, please try to disconnect them and try again. Make sure you have selected the correct device to record. Click Options > Audio tab > check Speakers > confirm the correct device is selected > click OK. You may also want to confirm all other apps are close before starting to record and that no other program is using the capture device since it may cause a conflict. In case the issue persists, reinstall the program: https://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/debutpsetup.exe

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