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Reverse clips make video stop

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Whenever I have a reversed clip the video visuals stop upon its end. The clip itself and everything before all play fine. I also still hear the audio but the visuals freeze and the playhead stops until I pause the video or move the playhead. I can't export the video either. When it reaches the spot the export also stops.

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I seem unable to get a clip to speed up and reverse.... am able to make it work in the preview, after speeding up the original clip exporting it then re adding it  then adding the reverse effect. but when I do that it will not allow me to export it. ? 

Is there any way in fixing this with out paying for the newer version, I just bought this 3 weeks ago. ?? im not paying for a slightly newer version when this should have worked in the first place. 

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  • borate changed the title to Reverse clips make video stop

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