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Replacing branding on video...THE BACKGROUND!


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Working to use an already wonderfully produced video (with permission, we're a reseller) and replace the background and other corporations branding.  created new background, need to intricately cut out where I want the original video to show through the new background (setting up as an overlay) BUT cannot figure out how to create transparent portions of image used in the overlay.  Can I make several sections on one mask transparent to show the video underneath...if so, how?

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Here's a silly, rough example where track 1 is the head - sized and positioned to fit into the mask.

Track two is dog, with the POLYGON MASK nested in the tongue and the TRANSPARENCY effect allowing track one to be seen inside the mask.

Using Dual Preview screens is helpful for positioning.  OPTIONS | GENERAL

Nat will likely drop in here with more detail.



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Making areas of an overlay image transparent using masks.

Obviously this is much easier using a static image, and Borate's example really explains the principle and there's not a lot to add..but numerous transparent areas can be produced using the Polygon mask

  • Place the clip/image that requires to have the transparent areas on Video Track 2
  • Place the clip/or image that is to have areas revealed on Video Track 1 In this example I have a Green blank image  on Track 2 and a Red blank image on Track1. The aim is to make "holes" in Video Track 2 so Video Track 1 shows through
  • aa.jpg
  • In order to better monitor the result switch into Dual Previews in Options/Display. At this point none of Video Track one can be seen
  • Select Video Track 2
  • Click the FX for the overlay clip/image on Video Track 2 and then the Polygon Mask (The second button at the top of the Effect window) This will place a red rectangle on the clip preview window.
  • ........
  • bb.jpg
  • Drag the rectangle sides or corners to outline the area required. I have left this one rectangular but virtually any area can be outlined. Undocking the clip preview pane will allow added precision to the points of the mask.
  • ccc.jpg
  • Tick the Mask Inside box
  • Add a Transparency effect and set this to 0% Opacity. The masked area will now become transparent and that area on Video track 1 will now become visible.
  • You can now adjust the points and re-position the mask to better reveal the desired detail in Track 1
  • ...
  • dd.jpg

For another masked area..

  • Click the Polygon mask button again. Another rectangle will appear
  • Check Mask inside. Add another Transparency effect  Adjust the outline.

Numerous transparent areas in Track 2 can be made in this way.


Hope this helps


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