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how to place a water barrel on a roof

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In have a building with a smal barn next to it i have placed a flat roof on the barn and I like to place a

water barrel (tinaco) on roof of the barn.

Tried to load the barrel as floating object, as surface object and as wall object nothing seems to work.

How to place the barrel on the roof?

Next thing how to delete the wrong loaded barrels form the items database?

Thanks for help


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I found the solution!

If you have a building and you want to give it a flat roof with something like a water barrel on it, don't place a roof on that building but place a new (first ) story.

Than on that story place outside walls,  make these walls as low as possible (2,5cm) if you have completed these outside wall than you will be able to place a floor for your new story. Ones you have that floor you can place every "floor item" on it, while at a roof you can place nothing.


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