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Could someone please explain what it means when you have done some work on PhotoPad. I was using the select feature and used the Magnet around a image i was going to cut out. I decided to click the cross (X) at the top to close it down and it asked for me to save it. I clicked save and it then said Saved to Disc.

What is Saved to Disc?   Where would that have saved?     Does it only save to my computer or to the PhotoPad Software and if so where?

It don't make sense because when i open the image i was using it doesn't open to the last session i was on i.e where i used the Magnet around image.

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I was unable to reproduce the issue you are reporting. I did not get the Save to disc message you are getting, I just go the message asking if I want to save it or not. After that I go a message saying if I want to overwrite or save it with a different name or different location. You need to keep in mind that the recommended way to save your work is using the Save icon. If you want to be able to make further modifications at a later time, you need to use the Save As PhotoPad Project options. This will keep the modification and layers you have created. If that if your final edit, you need to save as JPEG or PNG.

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