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Cannot Locate M-JPEG URL using SV3C Network Camera in Debut

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The quick question is how do I located the above mentioned URL. Now for the details.

I own an IT company that among many things, installs security cameras. The camera that I am trying to import into Debut is a SV3C SD6W-1080PS-HX. I can access every aspect of this camera using a web browser, as well as the security software that I use (Blue Iris), to monitor this camera. I have looked all through the camera's firmware and do not see any mention of a M-JPEG URL. So I am trying to find out if anyone has a clue as to what this URL is. Every URL that I try is giving me the following error message:

"Error connecting to IP camera"

I have searched through this forum for an answer but all of the threads that I have found were never resolved and the latest thread that I can find is dated back in 2017. It can't be this difficult. I just stumbled upon this software and would love to implement it into what I do if it is as good as it seems. Thanks for any assistance.

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