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Syncing new video to existing audio

Bob Gibson

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I would like to know if there is a way to record video onto a project which is automatically in sync with existing audio.

I have aa music backing track already in the project. Whilst listening to it wearing headphones, I press "record video" and sing along in time with it. When done the recorded video is in the recorded video bin and I then have to drag it onto the project timeline. However as there was a delay between my pressing "play" for the audio backing track and "record" for my video, the two are not in sync and I have to drag the video file around to try and line it up with the audio.

It would be so much better if I could just drag the video onto the beginning of the timeline and the two would automatically be in sync so I don't have to faff around trying to line them up together.

Does anyone know of a quick and easy way of getting them in sync?

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Try this..

  • Record a Clap (say three claps) and place this on the audio track before the start of the backing
  • Group them
  • Start playing audio and then Record your video
  • Clap in time to the claps on the backing track. and when the backing starts to play you start to sing.

You will now have a backing sound Track with audible signals (claps) at the start and a video of you singing with claps (or visible signals) at the start. As these will be prominent peaks on the audio backing track it should be reasonably easy to line the audio and video  up.

You could for example  trim your singing video to the third clap (or exactly to one of the peaks while it is in the bin. Line up the red cursor on the timeline with the selected sound peak. You can then load the trimmed video to the cursor. The selected clap from on each track will be lined up should then ensure that the remainder is in synch.


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