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Video Issue with Overlays - Only when exported

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Hi! I've been having a difficult time with this one issue on VideoPad and am wondering if anyone's fixed this before. Here is a link to a photo showing my export video issue

The problem I have is this:

  1. I add overlays to a video. Preview looks fine BUT 
  2. When export is finished the video is shrunk into the middle of the screen and the overlays are larger and in front of my picture. Around the video is a black screen filling in all the extra space. Imagine viewing a video in 1920x1080 but the video is only showing in a space that is 640x480 (but the rest of the space is black and has the overlays in them)
  3. My video is in 1920x1080 and it's not an output resolution issue. This problem only happens when I add overalys.

Any ideas?


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".....This problem only happens when I add overalys. ...."

That should not happen 1920 x 1080  is AR of 16:9 and will fill the screen. You should export using the same settings as your raw clips.

When you go to the Export Video/VideoFile  screen, after setting file name and destination folder and export file type , set the resolution to Auto match Content....  The resolution of 1920 x 1080 will automatically be set by VP


The logo will (or should) then be seen as overlaid in the sequence preview, and export as previewed.


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Thank you for the prompt response. The clean install doesn't seem to solve the problem. I've attached screenshots of the problem. This only happens when I add overlays. It works fine without overlays. I've attached some screenshots below

Videopad Problem 1 - That is my preview window in the editor. Everything looks perfect! Click here to view the photo

Videopad Problem 2 - That is the exported video file. As you can see the overlays have taken over the screen and most of the screen is black. Yes, this does happen even when Auto Match Content Resolution is selected. Click here to view the photo

Video Pad Problem 3 - The resolution of my video is 1920x1080 but when the overlays are added the Auto Match Content Resolution changes to 2350x2536. Very odd. Click here to view the photo.

Here is a photo of my clip sequence. You can see the overlays in the upper right on Track 3, 4, 5. -

This problem happens even when I force resolution to 1920x1080.

NOTE - I've overlayed videos in the past and it's worked. NOW I think the problem is when I add another video in the middle of the sequence that's a different resolution

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Only link #2, above, loads here.  Auto-match is a suggestion, based on content.  Change it as desired.

The best way to check this out is to be able to view the project just as you do.  It's easy to share it, takes but a few minutes and can be done privately.

Here's how...  http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/23659-tips-for-getting-help-on-this-forum/

If it contains sensitive material link it in a personal message (PM).  Click the envelope above.  It won't be passed on or retained.  Use FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT AS, not simply SAVE PROJECT.  On the server, don't forget to copy a shared (public) link to paste into your post or PM.


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Your project downloaded and previewed OK in VP 8.32. An export as a mp4 1920 x1080 was also OK. All the clips were correct with the logo in the bottom right corner. The inserted mp4 clip however had a different AR to the main clip. Older versions of VP (7.xxx) I don't think had an Auto Match feature in the export screen and this would have resulted in your AR difficulties. You could try a 16:9 crop or zoom on this clip if there is enough image, or use the letterbox/stretch effects.   Try the latest version and I am sure you will find the result more consistent.



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Your aspect ratio issue was not evident in 7.02, 7.11 or 8.32, which is the latest release to be recommended.

If you have a license for 7.04, try 7.11, which may allow you to use it.  Or upgrade for a nominal fee.  If unlicensed, use 8.32.

But do not install version 8.34 at this time, though it's offered as the latest on the server.  Wait until next week for that version.

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