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Extend clip end time beyond the sequence end time


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I'm working with a very long piece of footage that I have cut down.  I noticed today, when I try to drag it to extend it, I can only (easily) do so to the end of the visible sequence.  When I drag to the right of the screen, the clip seems to just 'stop' there, and it doesn't seem possible to extend it.

I've been able to get the desired effect by adding a 'placeholder' clip to Video Track 2, but is there an easier way to drag the clip end time and have the sequence end time extend with it?


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If you have a long clip on the timeline that you have trimmed and wish to restore back to full length....

  • Select the clip on the timeline by clicking it
  • Examine the thumbnail line under the Clip Preview window. You should see your trimmed off section to the right of the blue marker shaded a darker hue
  • Grab the blue marker and drag it fully to the right. The clip should then be restored to its full length.

Note.....You can't make it any longer than it actually is ;)


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